mobile armchair-gm faq about Twitter Twitter was created to give fans a one-stop shop for NHL salary cap information and easy cap crunching. Fans and media can sit in the chair of any general manager in the league and assemble a roster, make trades, sign free agents, complete buyouts or review salary and cap hit data. is the creation of freelance hockey writer Matthew Wuest, who has spent more than a decade writing about the sport for a variety of publications, including The Hockey News, ESPN,,, McKeen's Yearbook, Halifax Daily News and Metro Halifax. For his work relating to, The Hockey News ranked him 98th on its annual top 100 list of People of Power and Influence in 2011.

It uses league, team, player and agent sources for contract details. For breaking contract details, it also relies on Internet and newspaper reports from sources with a proven track record of legitimacy and accuracy, and credits those sources appropriately. Contracts not verified by directly through official NHL channels are noted as estimates until confirmed.

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